Gemstone Goldstone in Yellow Gold

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Italian Monk Made Goldstone set in 18K with American Craftsmanship.  

Goldstone is a man made stone, originally created in Venice, Italy in the seventeenth-century by the Miotti family, which was granted an exclusive license by the Doge. Urban legend says goldstone was an accidental discovery by unspecified Italian monks or the product of alchemy, but there is no pre-Miotti documentation to confirm this. A goldstone amulet from 12th-century Persia in the collection of the University of Pennsylvania shows that other, earlier artisans were also able to create the material.

The most common form of goldstone is reddish-brown, containing tiny crystals of metallic copper that require special conditions to form properly. The initial batch is melted together from silica, copper oxide, and other metal oxides to chemically reduce the copper ions to elemental copper. After a suitable crystallization period, the entire batch is cooled to a single solid mass, which is then broken out of the vat for selection and shaping. The final appearance of each batch is highly variable and heterogeneous. The best material is near the center or "heart" of the mass, ideally with large, bright metal crystals suspended in a semitransparent glass matrix. 

  • Handcrafted in 18-karat yellow gold.
  • Detailed in goldstone.  
  • 2.5" in length.
  • French back earrings.