Kyla Donell Brand

Kyla Donell, Dallas-based geologist, gemologist, jewelry designer, traveller, and global “geoista”.  From an early age, Kyla knew she had a passion for geology with a need to understand how the world’s landscapes, rocks and its natural treasures were formed. She has traveled the globe in the pursuit of knowledge and geological connections.

As both a passioned geologist and gemologist, Kyla has the rare combination of experience in both geology and beauty. When mixed with her eye for design, she's well positioned to provide a sophisticated level of knowledge and service unique to the design industry.  

With this focus, talent and experience, Kyla founded the natural and puristic jewelry brand Kyla Donell - a concierge style of jewelry that is not just customized but truly personalized.  

Donell, Kyla's official middle name, originated from her mother's sisters, Donna and Ranell.  Donell is symbolic of the sentimental stories behind each piece of our jewelry treasures.  Each jewelry piece tells a story and will someday be a future family heirloom. 

Her passion for fine gemstones and complementary connections across the globe provide unique access to rare finds which only contribute to her ability to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients. Kyla is able to spend quality time with clients to full understand create pieces which reflect each unique personality and special story for each client.  Her jewelry designs are truly a vision in modern luxury - a delicate balance between wearable luxury and art. 

Timeless jewelry inspired from the Earth.  


- One of a Kind Designs

- Engagement Rings

- Jewelry and Gemstone Sourcing

- Museum / Private Mineral and Gemstones Curating